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Certainty 03:59
I try to keep my head up high and my eyes focused / but every time my eyelids close / This is too heavy / I can’t take this any longer / I’m searching for an obligation that will never come / Every time I find myself in this state over and over again / Why don’t you try to keep me alive? / Every time you just push me back / I never pictured myself between these lines / Maybe it’s time to cut this off / I need to find the cure to live again / The one who is the demon, I have to face myself / I need to find the cure to live again /Keep walking on will only make it worse / Disappointment, can I ever see clear again? / Disappointment, grows on and on / Disappointment, can I ever see the end? / Disappointment, let me go / Feels like I’m slipping back to reality / Face first into the depth / All I see is black / Blinking with my eyes / It seems nothing has changed / nothing changed / This is reality / Lost in confusion / I will forever be / Lost in confusion / Lost inside my head / Lost inside my head again / I’m lost inside my head / There’s no end in sight / Will you be my light?
Rouse 03:03
All these years I’ve walked with a blindfold over my eyes / I just couldn’t and didn’t want to face the world in reality / False perspectives lead me into the darkest state of mind / And I couldn’t see the best of me / I just didn’t want to see myself / I just didn’t want to face myself no matter how hard I tried / Running behind while the clock is ticking twice as fast / My head is only hanging in the past / I’m such a coward / Cherishing everything I’ve ever loved / Maybe it’s just a conduct to stay alive / I’ve always tried to save you / But it seems I just couldn’t / To this very day I still feel sorry and the only one to blame is me / Finding love in the ones who already gave up on you will bring nothing but grief / The rope that I cut out of cautiousness / Before I was even able to tie it / And I’m trying to make it whole again / But I’m not sure if I will ever succeed / I’m trying to make it whole again / I’m so scared I will never succeed / I strangle myself with my thoughts / Till I’m a stranger in my own head
Escapist 03:08
Sit alone in this crowded room with nothing left to say / Everyone keeps on talking a lot of voices that surround me / Without knowing the storm raging inside of me / And I’ve been thinking / I’ve been overthinking / Let me stay in this cold / My thoughts will wash away / My words meaningless as they stay / Forever in this / Forever stuck in this cold world / I want to go away / I cannot stay / We are just some souls dancing around each other / Will never intertwine, not knowing the reason why / Wandering in this world which doesn’t mean much to me and never will / We will forever be some souls dancing around each other
Amends 03:12
Don’t tell me this is what you’ve always wanted / Because leaving is all you wanted me to do / You’ve just covered it up, put it in a box and sent it away / And the roses I gave you, feels like the thorns sting through my skin again / I have this weird feeling in my chest / Which aches when I don’t care about myself / You said I never cared about myself / But maybe I never cared enough about anything / I already feel so empty / Half is done / Constantly doubting to fill in the other half / Watch me wither / Your eyes look so different under this shade of light that it makes me wonder how I ever believed what you actually meant / I should’ve stopped believing in an earlier state / Because it all didn’t make any sense anymore / They say time will heal / But it’s something I’ve never experienced / It’s always been a cycle of disappointments / Which constantly drags me down / Deeper and deeper / To the point that everything’s a blur / Can I ever see clear again? / Disappointment grows on and on / Will I ever see the end? / Disappointment let me go
Remedy 04:02
I tried to survive this / There I am staring at the wall again / The wall I’ve seen for so many times / That I’ve punched with bloody knuckles when I couldn’t think clearly / My eyes wide open afraid to never wake up / Just put me to sleep and wake me up when there’s a future for me / Just wake me up / But it scares me to death / I’m scared to death / There’s no future for me / The unawareness while sleeping is the best part of life / Never wake up again / I’ve always been scared to die in my sleep / Thoughts of bitterness floating on the surface of my mind / Losing sleep became a dear friend of mine / I thought it couldn’t get any darker in this place / In my head the stars already started fading out / I’ve lost the shades of colours / Like the leafs lose their colour in autumn and wither away / The future is a blur / And I don’t even see an end / I’ve always been scared to die in my sleep / Hours spent afraid to never wake up / Never have I been so at ease with the thoughts of passing away in my sleep / I think it’s time to finally put myself to rest / Let me sleep / Forever


released June 3, 2017


all rights reserved



WRCKG Utrecht, The Netherlands

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